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I Will Not Be Back

Hisham ibn Yahya has NOT ever find someone like Said bin Harith. Said is one of the many people who join jihad to Rome in the year 88 AH- The young man was powerful worship: fasting every day, and evening prayers the night awake. If you're a walk, he read the Koran, and when I'm silent in the tent, he read the dhikr.

Exactly at midnight, when the group was very worried from enemy attack, Hisham and Said are both on guard. Tonight it was their turn. At that time, the enemy castle has been locked. When the night saw Said ibn Harith worship, then Hisham also advised him, "You must rest your body. Because it is the right of your body. "

Hearing these words, Said even cry. He replied, "This is just a few breaths can be calculated and the age which will be exhausted and the day will soon pass. I'm just looking forward to facing death, and race out the spirit. "

Indeed, Hisham ibn Yahya feel very sad. He knew this young man before him never stop doing good things. For himself and his people. So with a sad heart, he said, "I swear by Allah. Enter thou into the tent to rest. "

Said then went and slept. Hisham'm sitting outside the tent. Hisham suddenly heard a voice in the camp. Said And besides, no one else. When Hisham look into the tent, Said said, "I do not like to go back."

He held out his right hand. And he leaped up from his sleep. Hisham can not hide his astonishment. He immediately hugged the young man as he held her. "There is? Why do you say that? "Said Hisham.

"I'm not going to tell you," said Said.

Hisham swear by Allah in order to tell this padaanya Said. Said even asked, "Do you promise not to divulge it during my life?"


Said draw breath. A moment later, he said, "I'm dreaming, as if doomsday had arrived. Everyone has been waiting for the call out God. In the circumstances it was suddenly there were two men approached. No one is as good as the two men. They greeted and they said to me:

"Accept the good news. God has forgiven your sins and praise your efforts. Allah accept the good deeds and prayers. Therefore, let us show you go to the blessings that are available for you. "

Then, they took me out of there. They provide a horse that is not similar to horses in the world, because his run like lightning or strong winds. And I drove it, so until the building is tall and big. The building was not accessible to the eye sight, as if the flashing is made of silver. When I got to the front door suddenly opened the door before the knock, and then I go and see things that can not be characterized and moved in the liver. And maidens and servants of the stars of the sky. And when they saw me, they were singing along with various songs. One of them said, "That lover of God has come, say welcome to him."

At that point, Said stop the story for a moment. Hisham listening intently. Said continued, "Then I went to bed came in the room is made of jewel-studded gold, covered with gold chairs. Each chair is a girl that can not be characterized by human beauty, and in the midst of them there is a high and beautiful. The two men who took me said, 'That's your family and this is your place.' Then they meninggalkannku. Then the girls come to me to give greetings and they sat me in the middle, next to a beautiful girl saying, 'That's your wife. "

I asked him, "Where I'm at that?"

And he answered, "You in Jannatul Ma'wa".

Then I asked "who is he?"

It turned out she was my wife's eternal. Then I held out my hand to him, but denied by fine, saying, 'Now you must return to the world and stayed three days'. Well, I do not like it. Until I said, 'I do not like to go back, "Said an end to the story.

Hearing the story, Hisham can not hold back tears. "Lucky You Said. God has shown reward your good deeds. "

Said instead asked, "Is there anyone else who saw this incident?"
Then he said, "Close this during my life."

Said ablution and oily aroma. He then took his gun and headed for the war while fasting. Hisham kept admiring the young man. These people struggle a lot to tell greatness, they had never seen such a struggle. He put himself in an enemy attack, and overcome them.

On the second day, he fought more powerful. At the time of night, Said continued to carry out prayers and get up early to go back to the battlefield. The young man did not cease to apply what he was doing night and day. All that day he fought constantly. Until proper sunset, it was an arrow on his neck. He fell as a martyr. Hisham still noticed, while those who picked it up.

"Bahagialah you, breaking tonight. If I'm with you, "says Hisham. Said mengginggit lips with a smile, "Alhamdulillaahilladzi sadaqana wa'dahu," then he mengingal world.

At that time, Hisham said to the people. "O people, like this we have to compete."
People are increasingly know that Said has sacrificed time and his life to preach. To a struggle. There is no loss for him. He is fighting for God. Although it must be bled. Every night, he solemnly bermunajat to continue to get closer to God, improve the ability and her strength. Noon, he fought against an enemy. Throughout the night, people just tell you that state alone.

Bad deeds

Narrated from Ibn Abi Hatim Abu Marzuq:

When oang infidels or evil person out of his grave, he met with the figure of the worst and most rotten smell.

Disbelievers asked, "Who are you?"

The figure replied, "Do not you know me?" The pagan replied, "By Allah, I do not know you because God denigrate and malign your face you smell."

The figure replied, "I was a bad amalmu it. Thus, when the world's first charity that I was bad and rotten. As long as you menunggangiku when in the world, for as long as I stick with you."

That's what God's word, "Though they bear the sins on his back." (al-An aam: 31)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Meaning An Intention

From Umar bin Khattab ra, Rasulullah SAW said:

"Every charitable act depends on the intentions and every person will get the reward according to his intention. So whoever emigrated with the intention of seeking worldly advantage or for marrying a woman, then the (reward) hijrahnya accordance with that intention." (Narrated by Bukhari)


Prophet Muhammad said this tradition when he migrated to Yathrib or Medina. When it spread an information that there is someone who emigrated because of chasing women join her fiance. Her name was Umm Qais. So at that time famous for a term muhajjir Umm Qais, or who emigrated because of Umm Qais. The intention is usually interpreted as the inner vibration to determine the type of worship that we do.

For example, if we perform prayers at 5:30, there are several possibilities; prayer Syukrul Ablution, Mosque Tahiyatul prayer, Fajr prayer, Istikharah, or pray Fajr. There are at least six possibilities. We see it all the same, the same movement, reading together, rakaatnya same, but there is one that distinguishes it is the intention. Issues included the intention of one of the issues that get attention "serious" in Islamic studies.

Intention is discussed at length whether it is in the science of fiqh, usul fiqh, or morals. In the science of jurisprudence, the intention is placed as the first of a series of pillars of worship, as in prayer, alms, fasting, and pilgrimage. Intention in the Principles of Fiqh usually identified as one factor that determines the legal status of any deed. Marriage is one such example. He can be mandatory status, illegitimate, and voluntary, depending on the intentions of wedlock.

Similarly, when someone uses the title after returning from the Mecca pilgrimage, the law can be mandatory, can be voluntary, and even illegitimate. Its level depends on the intention to what he wore the title of "haji. Intention in moral standpoint indicates its understanding more inner vibration that determines the quantity of a charity. Prayers are we doing with the same number of cycles, same time, and reading the same, the assessment may vary from one person to another depending on the quality of his intentions.

Intention of the highest quality is called sincere, while the intention of the lowest quality is referred riya or sum'ah, namely worship because they expect something other than the pleasure of Allah. Prophet Muhammad never expressed concern about something that later could infect people.

He also said:

"Surely there is something I am afraid of something that I fear most will happen to my people, that is small shirk."

The Companions asked: "Is that little shirk?"

He replied: "riya."

In a hadith narrated also that in the Hereafter there will be a group of people who complain, scrambling, and crying.

They said, "O God in the world we are diligent to pray, but we note as a person who does not want to pray".

The angel replied:

"Do not you remember when you pray you do not expect the pleasure of Allah, but you expect praise from men, if that's what you want, find a man that you expect praise for it."

Clearly, the quality of a charity is directly proportional to the quality of intentions that lie behind them.

If our intention is straight, then straight all our charity. But if our intention crooked, then the charity we will be crooked. In order for our intentions always straight and sincere, it would be nice if we are reliving the promises that we always say at prayer, "Verily prayer, ibadahku, life, and my death are for God cried all the worlds". And Allaah knows best-bish shawab.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Permanent Meaningful practice

Be careful for people who worship the temporal, because it could be the act was a sign of sincerity is not perfect. Because the activities are carried out temporal worship no other, its size is the worldly affairs. It will only be done when he was needed, was hit by accident, or is being narrowed by the examination and distress, meningkatlah charity worship. Not so when the help of GOD come, easy approach, pleasure to arrive, just the ability to have a happy with GOD even disappear.

For the charity temporal, while toward the marriage of a sudden his worship so increased, the obligatory prayers on time, tahajud khusu visible, but strangely when already married, let alone tahajud, too late for the morning prayer. This act is shameful. Already given a fun, fact that even neglect his commandments. Should have tried more vigorously after marrying again in the air
taqarrub to GOD as an expression of gratitude.

When the purification ritual, for instance, turns out there besides a cleric who is quite famous and respected, ablution we consciously or not suddenly dibagus-baguskan. Others again when nobody was looking, again performed with ablution we too crude and more accelerated.

Or when a priest praying, reading the Quran we sometimes digetar-getarkan or disedih-sedihkan sorry for other people. But on the contrary when the prayer itself, our prayers become quick, solid and fast. If prayer alone he is so agile, but if there are other people so it looks nicer. Be careful there could be something behind ketidakikhlasan our devotions. Therefore if you see the deeds we do so weakens the quality and quantity when given pleasure, then that is a sign that we are not sincere in charity.

This is different from His servants who have reached station of sincerity, maqam in which a servant can serve as istiqamah and continuously sustained. When given trouble, he will soon miss knelt prostrate help GOD. While the leisure and pleasure when given the more so, in fact he's getting more knees and thank Him for the blessings of this.

The people who are sincere people who beramalnya quality in any condition or no one is watching is the same. In contrast to the less sincere, worship it will be better when there are other people watching, especially if the person is honored and respected.

It is indeed a very great fortune to people who are sincere. Why not? The people who are sincere will always awarded the reward, even for those sincere, any permissible deeds reward will turn into a reward practice sunna or mandatory. This is a result of good intentions.

So, for those who are sincere, he would not do anything unless he boxed his intentions straight to GOD alone. If you want to sit in a chair saying, "Bismilahirrahmanirrahiim, O GOD I hope this sitting activity into good deeds." Always clear verbal praise GOD for the joy of the gift could sit so she can rest eliminate fatigue. Be seated this activity means taqarrub to GOD.

Because there are many people doing sitting activities, but did not get any value, other than put [sorry!] Ass in the chair. Do not be surprised if one day GOD gave warning with ambaien sore or ulcer, just a memento that the activity of sitting is a delicious gift that GOD blessed us.

Likewise when eating, polishing your intentions to himself, because it was supposed to be in the deepest heart of hearts we believe that GOD was the one who gives food every day, not a day that escapes from the overflow of the outpouring of joy.

When buying something, taking into account also that what is purchased is intended for GOD. When buying a vehicle, as GOD intended. Because according to the Prophet Muhammad, the vehicle there are three types, 1) Vehicles to GOD, 2) Vehicles for the devil, 3) Vehicles for himself. What characteristics? If his intention was, to be used for serious benefits to worship, serious benefits to religion, then this is the vehicle for GOD. But if just for show, fun, ujub, then this is the vehicle for the devil. While the vehicle for himself, misakan horse reared, bred, used without intention, then this is the vehicle for yourself.

Make sure that if we purchase a vehicle, our intention is nothing but because GOD. Therefore beg it to GOD, "GOD Yes I need a decent vehicle, which can lighten to study engineering, which could alleviate for charity, which can alleviate in maintaining trust." Subhanallah for people who had intended it like this, then, gasoline, seat, Shockbreaker her, and all of the vehicle is in good balance, GOD willing. Conversely, if used for maksiyat, then we also will bear.

Another virulence of a servant who is sincere will get the reward of charity, although in fact his credit is not perfect, not even mengamalkanya. These are special people who are sincere deeds. At one point the liver was intended it would wake up nights to tahajud, "Oh GOD I want tahajud, wake at 03. 30 O GOD." Alarm was turned, the wife was told, "Mah, when Mamah first wake up, wake papah. Hour and a half four we will tahajud. Oh GOD I wish I could kneel to you in time ijabahnya prayer." Pray and go to sleep he would wake up with determination tahajud.

Unfortunately, when I woke up was already dawn call to prayer. For servants who are sincere, instead he will happily mingled sad. Sad because they do not miss out tahajud prayers and happy because she still gets her reward. For people who already intend to tahajud and not awakened by GOD, then if he was determined, GOD will definitely give her reward. Maybe GOD knows, the days we've been through will drain a lot of energy. GOD knows best what will happen, GOD also knowing that we might have a deficit of energy because we rush too much. Only GOD was that lull us into a deep sleep.

It's charity made any sincere servant will stay meaningful, will remain valuable, and will still get a reward worth the reward. Subhanallah.

Natural Stopover

Pearls Hadith

Ibn Umar said the Prophet Muhammad a day near me and he held my shoulders as he said: 'Be thou in this world as if a stranger or as persons who cross the road'. "

Hadith above contains a message that we do not be lulled by the mundane life and other knickknacks. Prophet encourages us to live life like for foreigners who are always thinking to go home. Or as the next phrase, "Be we as a pedestrian."

Of course many things we have noticed when crossing the road. We must always be careful to not hit by a vehicle or tersenggol other people passing by. A pedestrian path will also hasten to get to the next corner. The contents of this hadith depict an allegory of the Prophet Muhammad about how we deal with the life of this world. There are other things that is interesting related to this tradition, namely comment from Ibn 'Umar. He said, "If you are able to do (finish) a job in the afternoon, do not you postpone it until tomorrow morning.

And if you have the opportunity to do things the morning, then do not be postponed until the arrival of the evening. And let you take advantage of as much as possible when you are in good health. And should prepare yourself as much as possible, before the coming of death ". What Ibn Umar disclosed this, in truth is the exact explanation of what the Prophet Muhammad in the hadith spoken above. How the Prophet Muhammad tells us to live in the world as a man who was on his way, where we will always think of to go home and just do the things that are considered necessary only.

And obviously, we will not delay the work at that time because we are pressed for time. Concrete example is when we perform the pilgrimage to the Sacred House in Makkah. Seingin Sesakral and whatever we visited the Makkah, then rest assured we will still want to go home. Because we are there is just gharim or strangers. Similarly, should the conditions we live in this life. Whatever we are as happy and at will in the world, or anything as rich as we are in the world, then we must still yearn to return to our eternal nature.

Therefore, the life of this world do not ever make ourselves terlela and to forget himself. This is the message the Prophet Muhammad who later commented on by Ibn Umar that the transience of life in the world should make us not procrastinate doing good. Do not live in this world we are content with things that are not useful. Whatever exists in this world should be a stock return us to the nature of eternity. It is true what is said Ali bin Abi Talib ra. when someone asked about what was done at the time of the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad.

Ali kw said that what the friends are religious. None of that made them unless worth of worship, be it in solitude, family, or in muamalah. Why are they able to do all this? The answer, they know that life is only a temporary haven and a death that would be the end of their lives in the world. Therefore, they make the world as the arena armed themselves to welcome more eternal life. And Allaah knows best-bish shawab

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Poem for Mother

is a woman who has my birth right
take care
educate me
until I had grown

is a woman who is always alert when I was in the cradle
when my legs not strong enough to stand
when my stomach feels hungry and thirsty
when I woke up in the morning, noon and night

is a caring woman
when I was sick
when I fell
when I cry
when I'm lonely

has been sleeping at a time when I looked at your face
there is a full beam
rays are full of patience
there is light filled with love and affection
there is light because I'm exhausted

I always trouble
I always seize your attention
I have spent the water Susumu
I always trouble you until the tears

you cry because I
are you sad because I
You suffer because of me
you skinny because I
You sacrificed everything for me

credit is not rewarded
credit is not bought
credit is endless
credit is matchless
credit is beautifully painted in heaven

Monday, February 21, 2011


In front of the mirror kuberkaca
I saw a figure standing silently
despise her eyes
gives me a reproach
a faint smile on his lips almost vanished
decorated with a thousand slur

Hint of a feeling in my heart
about self kufr
about syukurku who have gone

In front of the mirror kuberkaca
I saw a figure standing silently
her eyes full of worship
looked at me meaningfully
a faint smile on bibirnyaseakan say
you're so perfect

Hint of a feeling in my heart
about the pride that stopped within
about arrogance without conscience awareness

Earth Talk

When it comes time
the earth will speak

On my back you ran
you back into my stomach

Above me you walk in the fun
in my belly you got in trouble

On my back you laugh
in sorrow thou my stomach

Above me you eat the forbidden
you become a meal in my stomach

When it's time
the earth will speak

On the back you walk in pride
humiliated you in my stomach

Above me are you in togetherness
thee in solitude in my stomach

On my back you bathed in light
in my belly you in the dark

In me thou perfidious
tormented thee in my stomach

When Arrive Time Separated

Under the shade of sky blue with all the beautiful decorations matchless
Above the expanse of the earth with all his paintings are long stretches
Still I get and I feel
Outpouring of grace and variety ni'mat
You give it that often
But when it was time to split up
Pantaskah kumemohon self
Without a drop of thanksgiving in the ocean of Your mercy

In the afternoon kulangkahkan ankle joint my friend swing step
On the day closed my eyes even with people I love
Still I get and I feel
Crowd atmosphere and peace of mind
But when it was time to split up
Would kupergi alone
Without a shadow of those who will accompany

When go through the dusty streets are always littering my body
When the fill times that there is with everything that has no meaning
Still can kumenghibur self
My body is clean and tomorrow it is better
Without a pang of doubt
But when it was time to split up
Is there a chance for me
Tuk cleanse the soul and my heart

Every failure brings disappointment
Any regrets the fact that present
Still I hear and feel
The voices that entertain
Tuk remove any disappointment and regret
But when it was time to split up
Are there any that will comfort me
Would I go without disappointment and regret

Sunday, February 20, 2011

How Neighbourhood

Islam commands Muslims to be good neighbors. In fact, so often Gabriel legate for good neighbors, the Prophet never thought the neighbors including heirs. The word of Allah, as narrated by Aisha,''Gabriel always bequeath to me about the neighbor until I thought that he would inherit it.''(Bukhari-Muslim).

However, it turns out inheritance or legacy that Gabriel is referred to Muslims to always maintain good relations with fellow neighbors. Good neighborliness with it, including spreading the greetings when you meet, greet, ask, reportedly, a faint smile, and send gifts. Word of the Prophet Muhammad,''O Abu Dhar, if you cook vegetables so perbanyaklah the water and share it to your neighbor.''(Muslim).

See how light the teachings of the Prophet, but the impact is very unusual for us in harmony and social harmony. To give a gift does not have to be expensive gifts, but enough to give vegetables that we cook everyday.

To maintain good relations with neighbors, he also ordered to tolerate each other their respective feelings. ''Those who believe in Allah and the Last Day,''said the Messenger of Allah,''then he should not hurt his neighbor.''(Bukhari).

Once, a friend asked the Prophet about a woman who was known to diligently perform prayers, fasting, and charity, but he also often hurt his neighbor with his tongue. Prophet asserted,''he pantasnya in the fire of hell!''

Then, the friend was asked again about another woman who is known less perform prayer and fasting, but often berinfak and not hurt his neighbor with his tongue. Prophet replied,''He deserves to go to heaven!''(Reported by Ahmad).

A woman struggling perform the obligatory prayers, night waking, keep thirst and hunger, and sacrifice wealth for berinfak, but became redundant because of the poor in spoken greetings with neighbors. Prophet vowed to people who behave that way, three times, with the vow,''For God's sake do not believe, for the sake of God does not believe, for the sake of God is not faithful

Companions asked,''Who, O Messenger of Allah?''He said,''People who are her neighbors have never felt safe from the bad behavior.''(Bukhari).

One time, Aisha never confused about who among tentangganya should come first. Then, he asked the Messenger of Allah,''O Messenger of Allah, I have two neighbors, to whom I must give a gift?''He said,''To the nearest house.''(Bukhari).

Messenger to make moral judgments to the neighbors as the reference person's goodness. He said,''The best friends in the sight of Allah is the best (performance or in attitude) toward his friend, the best is the best neighbor to neighbor.''(Reported by Tirmidhi).

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Expert Heaven

Imam Ahmad narrated from Muhammad bin Qais bin Ubadah, he said, "I was in the mosque. Suddenly there came a man on his face no sign kekusyukan. He prayed two rak briefly. People say, 'This man of Paradise. '
After he came out, so I followed him in his house, then I went into his house. We talked, and after the close I asked, 'When you go into the mosque, people say that you are of Paradise. " He responded, 'Glory be to God. Should not someone say something that does not know. "
I'll tell you why I am so. Actually I had a dream as if I was in the garden green. Ibn Aun said: "The man told greenery and breadth of the park. 'In the middle of the park there is an iron pole. The bottom extends deep into the earth and the top towered into the sky. In the middle there is a rope. Suddenly he said to me,' Come up! ' So I said, 'I can not. " Then came the waiter.
Ibn Aun said, "The waiter was a young man. The waiter rolled up my shirt from behind and say, 'Come up!" Then I will rise up to successfully hold the rope.
He said, 'Hold the rope. " So I woke up and the rope really exists in my hand. Then I met the Prophet. and tell what happened to him. Then he said, 'The garden is a garden symbolizes Islam, the pole pole symbolizes Islam, and the rope is sturdy rope. You will always embrace Islam until death. "
This hadith mentioned in shahihain. The man was Abdullah bin Salam r.a.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Abu Hanifah and Neighbors

In Kufa, Abu Hanifa had neighbors cobbler. Throughout the working day, before night he had returned home. Usually he brought a gift of meat to be cooked or prepared a great fish to be burned. Finished eating, he continues to drink no unrelenting while singing, and only stopped long night after he felt sleepy, then sleep soundly.
Abu Hanifah who are used to perform prayers during the night, of course feel disturbed by the sound of the song the cobbler. But, he let stand alone. One night, Abu Hanifa did not hear the neighbors were singing along as usual. For a moment he came out to look for reportedly. Apparently, according to another neighbor, he had just arrested and detained.
Morning prayer completed, when it was still morning, Abu Hanifa bighalnya ride to the palace. He wanted to meet Amir of Kufa. He was greeted with great solemn and respectful. The Amir himself is pleased to see him.
"Can I help you?" asked the Emir. "My neighbor cobbler yesterday arrested by police. Please remove it from the prisoner, Amir," said Abu Hanifa. "All right," said the Amir who immediately sent a police jail to release a new neighbor of Abu Hanifa arrested yesterday evening.
Abu Hanifa home with bighalnya ride slowly. Meanwhile, the cobbler walk behind him. When I got home, Abu Hanifa down and turned to her neighbor, saying, "How? I do not disappoint you?"
"No, even the opposite." He added, "Thank you. May Allah give you reward of virtue."
Since then he no longer repeat the habit, so that Abu Hanifa could feel more khusyu 'in worship every night.

6 Crossroads

Surely the devil was standing in front of you, on your right spirit, lust on your left, next to the world behind you and all your members to be around your body. While Godabove you.

While the accursed devil take you leave the religion, the soul take you to theimmorality, lust passion asked you meet, the world is taking you so choose it from the afterlife and limb menagajakmu commit sin. And the Lord take you into heaven andreceive forgiveness of Him, as his word that meant, ".... And God took to heaven andtoward forgiveness of Him ... "

Who would meet the solicitation evil, the lost religion of itself.

Who that meets the solicitation soul, then lost him the value of his life.

Who that meets the solicitation passions, then disappears from his mind.

Who would meet the solicitation of the world, then lost the Hereafter from him.

And who fulfill the invitation of his body, then lost heaven from him.

And who fulfill the call of Allah SWT, then disappeared from him all evil and heacquire all goodness.

Satan is the enemy of man, while man is the target of the devil. Accordingly, menshould sentiasa berwaspada because the devil sentiasa look right on target.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

10 Testament of Allah Almighty to Prophet Musa

bul-Layth Assamarqandi to isnaad narrated from Jabir ibn Abdillah ra said Rasulullah SAW said: "Allah Almighty has given to Prophet Musa bin Imran as in alwaah 10 chapters:
O Moses, do not associate me with an anything that I have decided that the fire of hell will grab the face of the idolaters.
Obey Me and your parents nescaya I peliharamu from any danger and would I go on your age and I turn it on you with a good livelihood.
Never kill the soul which I was forbidden except by right nescaya will be small for you world wide and the sky with all penjurunya and will back you with my anger into hell fire.
Never swear by my name in falsehood or seditious because I'm not going to clean up people who do not sanctify me, and do not glorify my name.
Do not envy jealous and envious of what I give to the people, because the instigator was the enemy of my favor, rejecting the will of me, which I hate to pembahagian give to my servants and who do not leave these actions, it is not than me.
Do not be a witness to what you do not know with really and you ingati with your wits and your feelings because I demand the witnesses closely for their testimony.
Do not steal and do not fornicate wife neighbor neighbor because nescaya I cover my face than you and I closed the doors of the heavens thereof.
Do not kill the victim for other than me because I do not accept casualties unless called my name and sincere to me.
Love toward fellow human beings as you like for yourself.
Make Saturday's day to worship Me and hiburkan child family. Then the Prophet SAW said again: "Verily, Allah SWT make Saturday's feast day to the Prophet Musa and Allah SWT chose Juma'at the feast day for me."

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

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