Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sa’ad Bin Muadz

At the age of 31 he converted to Islam. And in the age of 31 he went to martyrdom. And the days become Muslim until his death, has been filled by Sa'ad bin Muadz with works brilliantly in worship to Allah and His Messenger.

See, Describe in your memories of men who gracefully handsome beamed, with a high body fat, tall and stocky body? Well, that's him!

How about folding the Earth by jumping up and ran toward the house of As'ad bin Zurarah, to see a man from Mecca named Mush'ab bin Umeir sent by Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam as a messenger to spread monotheism and Islam in Medina.

Indeed, he went there with the aim of these migrants are going to drive out the border of Medina, for he brought back his religion and let the people of Madinah with their religion

But recently he was with bin Useid Zurarah down to near Majlis Mush'ab at her cousin's house, sudden chest has breathed fresh air that blows you feel comfortable. And yet again he came to the audience and sat between them listened to the descriptions Mush'ab, then the direction of God has illuminated the soul and spirit.

Thus, in terms taqdir amazing, stunning and unexpected, the leader of Ansar faction was throwing away his lance, the other stretched out his right hand raised bai'at the messengers of the Prophet.

And by signing his Islamic Sa'ad, also in Medina's eyes shine a new day, Which in an orbit will rotate and trooped the heart that are not few in number, and together with the Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam surrendered themselves to God Robbul'alamin.

Sa'ad has embraced Islam, and take that responsibility with courage and greatness. And when the Prophet migrated to Medina, the houses of Bani Abdil Asyhal residence, the tribes Sa'ad, the door is wide open for the class of immigrants, as well as all their possessions to dimanfa'atkan without limitation, users do not have low self-esteem and do not be afraid calculation will be presented with the bill.

And there came during the battle of Badr. Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam gather companions-companions from the Ansar group for immigrants and consulted with them about the affairs of war was a noble dihadapkannya his face toward the people Ansar, as he said: "present your fruit mind you, O Companions!"

Then the Sa'ad bin Mu'adh no change to the flag on top of poles, he said:
"O Prophet! We have faith in you, we believe and confess that what you bring that is the right thing, and already we present pledges and our promises. So laksanakanlah continue, yes Prophet what you want, and we will always be with you. And for the sake of Allah who sent you to bring the truth! If you confront us into this ocean and then you throw themselves into it, surely we'll go jump in the water, no one is going backwards, and we do not mind to face the enemy tomorrow morning! Indeed, we are steadfast in battle, and firmly deal with the struggle. And hopefully God will show you our actions which are pleasing. So start off we go with the blessing of God Almighty. "

Sa'ad's words came as good news does not change, and the Apostle's face was radiant and full of flavor Ridla proud and happy, then he told the Muslims:

"Let go and encouraging hita halian because God has promised me one of two categories. By Allah, it seemed to me as if the destruction of those people. "(Al-Hadith)

And at the time of the battle of Uhud, when the Muslims have been fragmented due to a sudden attack from the army idolaters, it would be difficult for the eye sight to locate the position of Sa'ad bin Mu'adh.

Both his legs as if they were dipakukannya to earth near the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam maintain and defend desperately, something glorious, radiating from the stance of his life.

Then came the war as well as Khandak, which clearly proves Sa'ad and heroic masculinity.
Khandak war is tangible proof of the conspiracy and cunning ploy to Muslims waged without mercy, that is from people who in their opposition, do not know the agreement or of justice.

And when the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam with the Companions in Medina prosperous life devoted to God, each other advice, advising him to obey and hope for the people of Quraish to stop the attacks and war, the Jewish leader of a party would secretly go to Makkah and incited the people of Quraish against the Prophet as he has promised, and the pledge will stand beside the Quraish in the event of war with the Muslims later.

In short they have made a covenant with idolaters, and together have set plans and tactics of warfare. In addition, in their return journey to Medina, they also managed to incite a greatest interest among the Arab tribes are nomadic tribe Gathfan and reached an agreement to merge themselves with the Quraish army.

Maneuver warfare has been set and the task and the role has been divided. Quraish and Gathfan will attack Madinah with a large army, while the Jews, at the time the Muslims had suffered a sudden, it will do the demolition in the city and around it!

And when the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam know this evil conspiracy, he took security measures. Dititahkannyalah khandak or dig a trench around Medina to stem the invasion of the enemy. In addition, the Message also Mu'adh and Sa'ad bin Sa'ad bin Asad bin Ka'ab Ubadah told Jewish leaders Quraidha interest to investigate their true attitude toward people who will come, though between them by the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam actually there have been several peace treaties and agreements.

And the second surprise envoy of the Prophet, because when you meet with the leader of Bani Quraidha it, she answered was: "There is no agreement or agreement between us with Muhammad!"

Medina resident confronts the fierce battle and siege of this tight, feels very heavy for the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam. That's why he thought something Gathfan ploy to separate from the Quraish tribe, until the enemy will attack, number and strength of their will to live halfway.

His tactic was immediately carried out is by holding talks with leaders Gathfan and offer to let them withdraw from the war in return shall receive one third of agricultural output Medina. The offer was approved by leaders Gathfan, and lived again noted the agreement in black and white.

When the Prophet effort so far, he was stunned, because he realizes tiadaiah reasonably decide for itself the problem. When he had called his companions to deliberate. Especially Sa'ad bin Sa'ad bin Mu'adh and Ubadah, the fruit of their thinking is very noticed, because they are both leaders of Medina, and the first seal is entitled to discuss and choose which steps to be taken

Prophet told their second event of negotiations that took place among the leaders Gathfan. Do not forget he said that the move was taken was because he wanted to avoid the city and the people of Madinah from devastating attacks and siege.

The two leaders appeared to ask questions:
"O Prophet of God, is this your own opinion, or revelation which God decreed?" Said the Prophet: "No, but I guess it is my opinion that both gentlemen! By Allah, I do not want to do it unless they see the Arabs want to archery masters at once, and urged the gentlemen from all majors.

So I intend going to limit their crimes as small as possible. "
Sa'ad bin Mu'adh feel that their value as men and people of faith, get a test just how well the tone.

Then he said:
'O Prophet! Previously, we and the people that are in polytheism and idolatry, not devoting themselves to God and did not know Him, while they did not expect to be able to eat any of the dates sehutir our earth except when presented or by buying and selling. Now, if after we receive an honor from God by embracing Islam and guidance to accept it, and after we are glorified with you and with Religion it, else we must surrender our wealth? By Allah, we do not need it, and for the sake of Allah, we do not want to give to them except the sword, until God in His verdict judge us by them. "

Without bertangguh Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam to change his mind and told tribal leaders Gathfan that his friends refused to plan for negotiations, and that he agree and adhere to the decision of companions ....

A few days ago, the city of Medina had strict siege. Actually, the siege was more a choice than a forced one, due to the trench dug around it to be a fortress of protection for himself. The Muslims had entered the atmosphere of war. And Sa'ad bin Mu'adh out with swords and spears while berpantun:
"Stop a moment, look forward to welcoming chasing Death berkecamuknya war death came before."

In one trip around it struck his arm pulse of arrows that is released by one of the polytheists.
Blood spurted from the veins and soon he was treated in an emergency to stop the blood keluamya. The Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam sent him to the mosque, and to set up camp for her so she was nearby during the treatment.

Sa'ad, their youth leaders was taken by the Muslims to his place in the mosque Apostles. He showed his eyes toward heaven, the other she pleaded:

"O Allah, if the war with Quuaisy is still there that you leave, then panjangkanlah my age to deal with it. Because there are no required classes to deal with them than people who have been persecuted Thy Apostles, has been rejected and sent him away.

And if thou hast ended the war between us and them, would make the calamity that has befallen me now as a way to meet a martyr. And let me off before achieving a satisfactory Quraidha my heart with the Children. "

Allah be your guide, O Sa'ad bin Mu'adh. For who is able to issue a greeting like that in such an atmosphere, besides you.

And his petition was granted by God. Injuries that cause her to the door of a martyr, because a month after that, from the injury he returned to his Lord. But it happened after his heart relieved of Bani Quraidha.

Her story is after the Quraish people feel desperate to be able to invade the city of Medina and sneak into their ranks anxiety, then they are packing weapons equipment and tools, then returned to Mecca with empty hands.

Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam opinion, silenced what those Quraidha, means opening the opportunity for fraud and treason against the city of Medina them whenever they want, something that can not be allowed to pass. That's why he is mobilizing companions-companions to Bani Quraidha it. They surrounded the Jewish people for 25 days. And when viewed by the Children Quraidha that they can not escape from the Muslims, they also Give and appealed to the Prophet who might receive the answers that their fate will depend on the decision of Sa'ad bin Mu'adh. In the first ignorance, is the ally of Bani Sa'ad Quraidha.

The Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam sent some companions to take Saad bin Mu'adh of treatment tent in the mosque. He is mounted on the vehicle, while his body looks weak and sick.

Prophet said to him: "O Sa'd! Give your decision against the Bani Quraidha. "In the minds of Bani Sa'ad imagined back Quraidha fraud that ended with the war Khandak and nearly destroyed the city of Medina and its inhabitants. So Sa'ad said: "According to pertimbanganku, people in the war between them should be punished suicide. Women and their children was taken a prisoner, while their property divided. "Thus, before he died, the heart of the Bani Sa'ad has terobat Quraidha.

Sa'ad injuries every hour of every day even more worse. One day the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam came to visit him. Presumably he found it in the last moments of his life. So the Prophet took his head and put it on her lap, another berdu'a to God, saying: "O Allah, Sa'd had your jihad in the way he has justified Thy Apostles and has fulfilled its obligations. So please accept his soul with the best possible way you receive the spirit. "

The words that were offered the Prophet seemed to have given a feeling of coolness and peace to the souls who wanted to go. Painstakingly tried to open his eyes in the hope presumably is the last face he saw the Messenger of Allah as this life, he said: "Greetings upon you, O Messenger of Allah. Know that I recognize that you are the Messenger of Allah! "
Messenger Sa'ad also looked at and said: "Happiness to you, O Abu Amr."
Said Abu Sa'eed al-Khudri: "I am one who dug the grave for Sa'ad. And every time we dig a soil layer, we smelled the scent of musk, up to the grave. "

Disaster struck with the death of Sa'ad that Muslims once felt heavy. But they are also high entertainment value, because they hear their noble Prophet said: "Really, 'Throne of God Rahman vibrate with the death of Sa'ad bin Mu'adh.