Wednesday, February 2, 2011

10 Testament of Allah Almighty to Prophet Musa

bul-Layth Assamarqandi to isnaad narrated from Jabir ibn Abdillah ra said Rasulullah SAW said: "Allah Almighty has given to Prophet Musa bin Imran as in alwaah 10 chapters:
O Moses, do not associate me with an anything that I have decided that the fire of hell will grab the face of the idolaters.
Obey Me and your parents nescaya I peliharamu from any danger and would I go on your age and I turn it on you with a good livelihood.
Never kill the soul which I was forbidden except by right nescaya will be small for you world wide and the sky with all penjurunya and will back you with my anger into hell fire.
Never swear by my name in falsehood or seditious because I'm not going to clean up people who do not sanctify me, and do not glorify my name.
Do not envy jealous and envious of what I give to the people, because the instigator was the enemy of my favor, rejecting the will of me, which I hate to pembahagian give to my servants and who do not leave these actions, it is not than me.
Do not be a witness to what you do not know with really and you ingati with your wits and your feelings because I demand the witnesses closely for their testimony.
Do not steal and do not fornicate wife neighbor neighbor because nescaya I cover my face than you and I closed the doors of the heavens thereof.
Do not kill the victim for other than me because I do not accept casualties unless called my name and sincere to me.
Love toward fellow human beings as you like for yourself.
Make Saturday's day to worship Me and hiburkan child family. Then the Prophet SAW said again: "Verily, Allah SWT make Saturday's feast day to the Prophet Musa and Allah SWT chose Juma'at the feast day for me."

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