Monday, February 21, 2011

When Arrive Time Separated

Under the shade of sky blue with all the beautiful decorations matchless
Above the expanse of the earth with all his paintings are long stretches
Still I get and I feel
Outpouring of grace and variety ni'mat
You give it that often
But when it was time to split up
Pantaskah kumemohon self
Without a drop of thanksgiving in the ocean of Your mercy

In the afternoon kulangkahkan ankle joint my friend swing step
On the day closed my eyes even with people I love
Still I get and I feel
Crowd atmosphere and peace of mind
But when it was time to split up
Would kupergi alone
Without a shadow of those who will accompany

When go through the dusty streets are always littering my body
When the fill times that there is with everything that has no meaning
Still can kumenghibur self
My body is clean and tomorrow it is better
Without a pang of doubt
But when it was time to split up
Is there a chance for me
Tuk cleanse the soul and my heart

Every failure brings disappointment
Any regrets the fact that present
Still I hear and feel
The voices that entertain
Tuk remove any disappointment and regret
But when it was time to split up
Are there any that will comfort me
Would I go without disappointment and regret

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