Monday, February 7, 2011

6 Crossroads

Surely the devil was standing in front of you, on your right spirit, lust on your left, next to the world behind you and all your members to be around your body. While Godabove you.

While the accursed devil take you leave the religion, the soul take you to theimmorality, lust passion asked you meet, the world is taking you so choose it from the afterlife and limb menagajakmu commit sin. And the Lord take you into heaven andreceive forgiveness of Him, as his word that meant, ".... And God took to heaven andtoward forgiveness of Him ... "

Who would meet the solicitation evil, the lost religion of itself.

Who that meets the solicitation soul, then lost him the value of his life.

Who that meets the solicitation passions, then disappears from his mind.

Who would meet the solicitation of the world, then lost the Hereafter from him.

And who fulfill the invitation of his body, then lost heaven from him.

And who fulfill the call of Allah SWT, then disappeared from him all evil and heacquire all goodness.

Satan is the enemy of man, while man is the target of the devil. Accordingly, menshould sentiasa berwaspada because the devil sentiasa look right on target.

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