Sunday, February 13, 2011

Expert Heaven

Imam Ahmad narrated from Muhammad bin Qais bin Ubadah, he said, "I was in the mosque. Suddenly there came a man on his face no sign kekusyukan. He prayed two rak briefly. People say, 'This man of Paradise. '
After he came out, so I followed him in his house, then I went into his house. We talked, and after the close I asked, 'When you go into the mosque, people say that you are of Paradise. " He responded, 'Glory be to God. Should not someone say something that does not know. "
I'll tell you why I am so. Actually I had a dream as if I was in the garden green. Ibn Aun said: "The man told greenery and breadth of the park. 'In the middle of the park there is an iron pole. The bottom extends deep into the earth and the top towered into the sky. In the middle there is a rope. Suddenly he said to me,' Come up! ' So I said, 'I can not. " Then came the waiter.
Ibn Aun said, "The waiter was a young man. The waiter rolled up my shirt from behind and say, 'Come up!" Then I will rise up to successfully hold the rope.
He said, 'Hold the rope. " So I woke up and the rope really exists in my hand. Then I met the Prophet. and tell what happened to him. Then he said, 'The garden is a garden symbolizes Islam, the pole pole symbolizes Islam, and the rope is sturdy rope. You will always embrace Islam until death. "
This hadith mentioned in shahihain. The man was Abdullah bin Salam r.a.

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