Monday, February 7, 2011

Abu Hanifah and Neighbors

In Kufa, Abu Hanifa had neighbors cobbler. Throughout the working day, before night he had returned home. Usually he brought a gift of meat to be cooked or prepared a great fish to be burned. Finished eating, he continues to drink no unrelenting while singing, and only stopped long night after he felt sleepy, then sleep soundly.
Abu Hanifah who are used to perform prayers during the night, of course feel disturbed by the sound of the song the cobbler. But, he let stand alone. One night, Abu Hanifa did not hear the neighbors were singing along as usual. For a moment he came out to look for reportedly. Apparently, according to another neighbor, he had just arrested and detained.
Morning prayer completed, when it was still morning, Abu Hanifa bighalnya ride to the palace. He wanted to meet Amir of Kufa. He was greeted with great solemn and respectful. The Amir himself is pleased to see him.
"Can I help you?" asked the Emir. "My neighbor cobbler yesterday arrested by police. Please remove it from the prisoner, Amir," said Abu Hanifa. "All right," said the Amir who immediately sent a police jail to release a new neighbor of Abu Hanifa arrested yesterday evening.
Abu Hanifa home with bighalnya ride slowly. Meanwhile, the cobbler walk behind him. When I got home, Abu Hanifa down and turned to her neighbor, saying, "How? I do not disappoint you?"
"No, even the opposite." He added, "Thank you. May Allah give you reward of virtue."
Since then he no longer repeat the habit, so that Abu Hanifa could feel more khusyu 'in worship every night.

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