Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Poem for Mother

is a woman who has my birth right
take care
educate me
until I had grown

is a woman who is always alert when I was in the cradle
when my legs not strong enough to stand
when my stomach feels hungry and thirsty
when I woke up in the morning, noon and night

is a caring woman
when I was sick
when I fell
when I cry
when I'm lonely

has been sleeping at a time when I looked at your face
there is a full beam
rays are full of patience
there is light filled with love and affection
there is light because I'm exhausted

I always trouble
I always seize your attention
I have spent the water Susumu
I always trouble you until the tears

you cry because I
are you sad because I
You suffer because of me
you skinny because I
You sacrificed everything for me

credit is not rewarded
credit is not bought
credit is endless
credit is matchless
credit is beautifully painted in heaven

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  1. assalamualaikuum ya ahlal blog :D... Nice post..i love islam full