Sunday, February 27, 2011

I Will Not Be Back

Hisham ibn Yahya has NOT ever find someone like Said bin Harith. Said is one of the many people who join jihad to Rome in the year 88 AH- The young man was powerful worship: fasting every day, and evening prayers the night awake. If you're a walk, he read the Koran, and when I'm silent in the tent, he read the dhikr.

Exactly at midnight, when the group was very worried from enemy attack, Hisham and Said are both on guard. Tonight it was their turn. At that time, the enemy castle has been locked. When the night saw Said ibn Harith worship, then Hisham also advised him, "You must rest your body. Because it is the right of your body. "

Hearing these words, Said even cry. He replied, "This is just a few breaths can be calculated and the age which will be exhausted and the day will soon pass. I'm just looking forward to facing death, and race out the spirit. "

Indeed, Hisham ibn Yahya feel very sad. He knew this young man before him never stop doing good things. For himself and his people. So with a sad heart, he said, "I swear by Allah. Enter thou into the tent to rest. "

Said then went and slept. Hisham'm sitting outside the tent. Hisham suddenly heard a voice in the camp. Said And besides, no one else. When Hisham look into the tent, Said said, "I do not like to go back."

He held out his right hand. And he leaped up from his sleep. Hisham can not hide his astonishment. He immediately hugged the young man as he held her. "There is? Why do you say that? "Said Hisham.

"I'm not going to tell you," said Said.

Hisham swear by Allah in order to tell this padaanya Said. Said even asked, "Do you promise not to divulge it during my life?"


Said draw breath. A moment later, he said, "I'm dreaming, as if doomsday had arrived. Everyone has been waiting for the call out God. In the circumstances it was suddenly there were two men approached. No one is as good as the two men. They greeted and they said to me:

"Accept the good news. God has forgiven your sins and praise your efforts. Allah accept the good deeds and prayers. Therefore, let us show you go to the blessings that are available for you. "

Then, they took me out of there. They provide a horse that is not similar to horses in the world, because his run like lightning or strong winds. And I drove it, so until the building is tall and big. The building was not accessible to the eye sight, as if the flashing is made of silver. When I got to the front door suddenly opened the door before the knock, and then I go and see things that can not be characterized and moved in the liver. And maidens and servants of the stars of the sky. And when they saw me, they were singing along with various songs. One of them said, "That lover of God has come, say welcome to him."

At that point, Said stop the story for a moment. Hisham listening intently. Said continued, "Then I went to bed came in the room is made of jewel-studded gold, covered with gold chairs. Each chair is a girl that can not be characterized by human beauty, and in the midst of them there is a high and beautiful. The two men who took me said, 'That's your family and this is your place.' Then they meninggalkannku. Then the girls come to me to give greetings and they sat me in the middle, next to a beautiful girl saying, 'That's your wife. "

I asked him, "Where I'm at that?"

And he answered, "You in Jannatul Ma'wa".

Then I asked "who is he?"

It turned out she was my wife's eternal. Then I held out my hand to him, but denied by fine, saying, 'Now you must return to the world and stayed three days'. Well, I do not like it. Until I said, 'I do not like to go back, "Said an end to the story.

Hearing the story, Hisham can not hold back tears. "Lucky You Said. God has shown reward your good deeds. "

Said instead asked, "Is there anyone else who saw this incident?"
Then he said, "Close this during my life."

Said ablution and oily aroma. He then took his gun and headed for the war while fasting. Hisham kept admiring the young man. These people struggle a lot to tell greatness, they had never seen such a struggle. He put himself in an enemy attack, and overcome them.

On the second day, he fought more powerful. At the time of night, Said continued to carry out prayers and get up early to go back to the battlefield. The young man did not cease to apply what he was doing night and day. All that day he fought constantly. Until proper sunset, it was an arrow on his neck. He fell as a martyr. Hisham still noticed, while those who picked it up.

"Bahagialah you, breaking tonight. If I'm with you, "says Hisham. Said mengginggit lips with a smile, "Alhamdulillaahilladzi sadaqana wa'dahu," then he mengingal world.

At that time, Hisham said to the people. "O people, like this we have to compete."
People are increasingly know that Said has sacrificed time and his life to preach. To a struggle. There is no loss for him. He is fighting for God. Although it must be bled. Every night, he solemnly bermunajat to continue to get closer to God, improve the ability and her strength. Noon, he fought against an enemy. Throughout the night, people just tell you that state alone.


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