Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Natural Stopover

Pearls Hadith

Ibn Umar said the Prophet Muhammad a day near me and he held my shoulders as he said: 'Be thou in this world as if a stranger or as persons who cross the road'. "

Hadith above contains a message that we do not be lulled by the mundane life and other knickknacks. Prophet encourages us to live life like for foreigners who are always thinking to go home. Or as the next phrase, "Be we as a pedestrian."

Of course many things we have noticed when crossing the road. We must always be careful to not hit by a vehicle or tersenggol other people passing by. A pedestrian path will also hasten to get to the next corner. The contents of this hadith depict an allegory of the Prophet Muhammad about how we deal with the life of this world. There are other things that is interesting related to this tradition, namely comment from Ibn 'Umar. He said, "If you are able to do (finish) a job in the afternoon, do not you postpone it until tomorrow morning.

And if you have the opportunity to do things the morning, then do not be postponed until the arrival of the evening. And let you take advantage of as much as possible when you are in good health. And should prepare yourself as much as possible, before the coming of death ". What Ibn Umar disclosed this, in truth is the exact explanation of what the Prophet Muhammad in the hadith spoken above. How the Prophet Muhammad tells us to live in the world as a man who was on his way, where we will always think of to go home and just do the things that are considered necessary only.

And obviously, we will not delay the work at that time because we are pressed for time. Concrete example is when we perform the pilgrimage to the Sacred House in Makkah. Seingin Sesakral and whatever we visited the Makkah, then rest assured we will still want to go home. Because we are there is just gharim or strangers. Similarly, should the conditions we live in this life. Whatever we are as happy and at will in the world, or anything as rich as we are in the world, then we must still yearn to return to our eternal nature.

Therefore, the life of this world do not ever make ourselves terlela and to forget himself. This is the message the Prophet Muhammad who later commented on by Ibn Umar that the transience of life in the world should make us not procrastinate doing good. Do not live in this world we are content with things that are not useful. Whatever exists in this world should be a stock return us to the nature of eternity. It is true what is said Ali bin Abi Talib ra. when someone asked about what was done at the time of the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad.

Ali kw said that what the friends are religious. None of that made them unless worth of worship, be it in solitude, family, or in muamalah. Why are they able to do all this? The answer, they know that life is only a temporary haven and a death that would be the end of their lives in the world. Therefore, they make the world as the arena armed themselves to welcome more eternal life. And Allaah knows best-bish shawab


  1. Subhanallah , perfect human only prophet Muhammad SAW ..

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