Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Permanent Meaningful practice

Be careful for people who worship the temporal, because it could be the act was a sign of sincerity is not perfect. Because the activities are carried out temporal worship no other, its size is the worldly affairs. It will only be done when he was needed, was hit by accident, or is being narrowed by the examination and distress, meningkatlah charity worship. Not so when the help of GOD come, easy approach, pleasure to arrive, just the ability to have a happy with GOD even disappear.

For the charity temporal, while toward the marriage of a sudden his worship so increased, the obligatory prayers on time, tahajud khusu visible, but strangely when already married, let alone tahajud, too late for the morning prayer. This act is shameful. Already given a fun, fact that even neglect his commandments. Should have tried more vigorously after marrying again in the air
taqarrub to GOD as an expression of gratitude.

When the purification ritual, for instance, turns out there besides a cleric who is quite famous and respected, ablution we consciously or not suddenly dibagus-baguskan. Others again when nobody was looking, again performed with ablution we too crude and more accelerated.

Or when a priest praying, reading the Quran we sometimes digetar-getarkan or disedih-sedihkan sorry for other people. But on the contrary when the prayer itself, our prayers become quick, solid and fast. If prayer alone he is so agile, but if there are other people so it looks nicer. Be careful there could be something behind ketidakikhlasan our devotions. Therefore if you see the deeds we do so weakens the quality and quantity when given pleasure, then that is a sign that we are not sincere in charity.

This is different from His servants who have reached station of sincerity, maqam in which a servant can serve as istiqamah and continuously sustained. When given trouble, he will soon miss knelt prostrate help GOD. While the leisure and pleasure when given the more so, in fact he's getting more knees and thank Him for the blessings of this.

The people who are sincere people who beramalnya quality in any condition or no one is watching is the same. In contrast to the less sincere, worship it will be better when there are other people watching, especially if the person is honored and respected.

It is indeed a very great fortune to people who are sincere. Why not? The people who are sincere will always awarded the reward, even for those sincere, any permissible deeds reward will turn into a reward practice sunna or mandatory. This is a result of good intentions.

So, for those who are sincere, he would not do anything unless he boxed his intentions straight to GOD alone. If you want to sit in a chair saying, "Bismilahirrahmanirrahiim, O GOD I hope this sitting activity into good deeds." Always clear verbal praise GOD for the joy of the gift could sit so she can rest eliminate fatigue. Be seated this activity means taqarrub to GOD.

Because there are many people doing sitting activities, but did not get any value, other than put [sorry!] Ass in the chair. Do not be surprised if one day GOD gave warning with ambaien sore or ulcer, just a memento that the activity of sitting is a delicious gift that GOD blessed us.

Likewise when eating, polishing your intentions to himself, because it was supposed to be in the deepest heart of hearts we believe that GOD was the one who gives food every day, not a day that escapes from the overflow of the outpouring of joy.

When buying something, taking into account also that what is purchased is intended for GOD. When buying a vehicle, as GOD intended. Because according to the Prophet Muhammad, the vehicle there are three types, 1) Vehicles to GOD, 2) Vehicles for the devil, 3) Vehicles for himself. What characteristics? If his intention was, to be used for serious benefits to worship, serious benefits to religion, then this is the vehicle for GOD. But if just for show, fun, ujub, then this is the vehicle for the devil. While the vehicle for himself, misakan horse reared, bred, used without intention, then this is the vehicle for yourself.

Make sure that if we purchase a vehicle, our intention is nothing but because GOD. Therefore beg it to GOD, "GOD Yes I need a decent vehicle, which can lighten to study engineering, which could alleviate for charity, which can alleviate in maintaining trust." Subhanallah for people who had intended it like this, then, gasoline, seat, Shockbreaker her, and all of the vehicle is in good balance, GOD willing. Conversely, if used for maksiyat, then we also will bear.

Another virulence of a servant who is sincere will get the reward of charity, although in fact his credit is not perfect, not even mengamalkanya. These are special people who are sincere deeds. At one point the liver was intended it would wake up nights to tahajud, "Oh GOD I want tahajud, wake at 03. 30 O GOD." Alarm was turned, the wife was told, "Mah, when Mamah first wake up, wake papah. Hour and a half four we will tahajud. Oh GOD I wish I could kneel to you in time ijabahnya prayer." Pray and go to sleep he would wake up with determination tahajud.

Unfortunately, when I woke up was already dawn call to prayer. For servants who are sincere, instead he will happily mingled sad. Sad because they do not miss out tahajud prayers and happy because she still gets her reward. For people who already intend to tahajud and not awakened by GOD, then if he was determined, GOD will definitely give her reward. Maybe GOD knows, the days we've been through will drain a lot of energy. GOD knows best what will happen, GOD also knowing that we might have a deficit of energy because we rush too much. Only GOD was that lull us into a deep sleep.

It's charity made any sincere servant will stay meaningful, will remain valuable, and will still get a reward worth the reward. Subhanallah.

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